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Poetry Theme                    Details                       2018-19           "Pop Goes the Seed"

High School Essay Theme      Details      


                                        2018-19    "The Impact of Bottled Water on the Environment

                                                         and the Water Supply"

Recyclable Sculpture                           Encouraging Youth to Keep Our Planet Green



NGC Youth Gardening                Smokey Bear / Woodsy Owl Poster Contest

Youth Activity Ideas

Some of these files are large and will take a while to open. 


Part 2 Bulbs / Parts of a Flower Pg 8-15

Part 4 Miscellaneous Pg 28-37

Part 6 Miscellaneous #2 Pg 46-66

 Open the index to see which part you need.


Part 1 Seeds Pg 1-7

Part 3 Pressed/Pounded Flowers/Leaves Pg 16-27

Part 5 Birds Pg 38-45

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