Pacific Region Garden Clubs Inc.

Garden Clubs in Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii


Chairman  Carol Norquist


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2018 Award Winners


Awards Year:  January 1 to December 31. All awards may be applied for annually, if merited, unless otherwise stated in award description

A Book of Evidence should ONLY be prepared for the following:

Small Standard Flower Show Award: 10 pages (20 surfaces, front & back) 

Member Award of Honor: not to exceed 3 pages

DEADLINES: March 1.  All state entries are sent by the state awards chairman in one package with a complete list of entries (packing list).  Do not place each entry in its own envelope.  Package must be received by March 1 


Essay Contest entry to PR Essay Contest Chairman Saundra Rassi : February 1  


High School Distinguished Service Project entry to PR HS Distinguished Service Award Chairman: Terry Critchlow  : January 1 


Youth Poetry Contest entry to PR Poetry Contest Chairman: Shirley Schmidt  : February 1 


Recyclable Sculpture Contest entry to PR Recyclable Sculpture Contest Chairman: Diane Franchini : February 1 


Member Award of Honor entry to PR Awards Chairman Carol Norquist  :  February 1


Garden Club Membership (formerly Publicity Press Books)  entries to PR  Chairman Carol Olley  : January 1


Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Poster Contest entries to PR Smokey Bear Poster Contest Chairman Marlena Parrott : February 23

Yearbook entries to PR Awards Chairman  Carol Norquist  :  March 1


Questions: Contact the Pacific Region Awards Chairmen.