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CA - WIldflower Conference

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Monday March 27, 2017 - Wednesday March 29, 2017
Kernville, CA  (map)

CGCI Wildflower Conference

March 27-29, 2017 Kernville, CA

Join us for the 2017 Wildflower Conference in Kernville. The registration fee is $90.00 per person. A “Hold My Place” deposit of $30.00 is required by January 7, 2017. The balance of $60.00 is due by March 1.

 Registration includes all speakers, “Wienie Roast” reception, entertainment, one lunch, one dinner and tours. Other meals will be on your own.

 The event starts Monday evening, March 27, with the “Wienie Roast” recep-tion;

 Tuesday will be filled with interesting and educational lectures; Tuesday evening we will enjoy after dinner entertainment;

 The conference concludes Wednesday morning with a tour of a local fish hatchery on the Kern River and the Kernville Museum.

 The host lodges are reserved but selection is dependent upon attendance (that’s why your “Hold My Place” deposit is so important this year). Lodging will be ~$100 per night. You will make your own lodging reservations once the venue is selected. You will be notified shortly after January 7.

 Consider extending your stay following the conference, and enjoy the many opportunities in and around the Kernville area.

NOTE: The “Save My Place” form is available on the website:

(under the Wildflower Conference tab)

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