Pacific Region Garden Clubs

Garden Clubs in Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii

About the Pacific Region

 The Pacific Region is one of eight regions that make up National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. The Pacific Region is comprised of Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii.

National Garden Clubs, Inc. provides education, resources and national networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility.

National Garden Clubs (NGC) is a not-for-profit educational organization with its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Membership is nearly 200,000 with 6000 clubs, 70 National Affiliate Member clubs and 300 International Affiliate Member clubs.

Members of NGC are members of the largest gardening organization in the world. Joining the National Garden Clubs enables individuals to meet other gardeners, to make their communities a better place to live, to exchange ideas, learn and to compete for awards and grants.

NGC offers many scholarships each year. Member garden clubs may nominate a qualified college student to apply for a scholarship in garden related fields. NGC also offers member clubs access to a low-cost liability insurance policy for special events.

The purposes of NGC are:

  • To co-ordinate the interests and activities of the State Garden Clubs with similar organizations in the United States and abroad
  • To aid in the protection and conservation of natural resources, to promote civic beautification and encourage the improvement of roadsides and parks
  • To encourage the establishment and maintenance of botanical gardens, arboreta and horticultural centers for the advancement of science, enjoyment and education of the public
  • To advance the study of gardening, landscape design, environmental issues, floral design and horticulture and assist deserving students through college scholarships in these fields of endeavor
  • To co-operate with other organizations furthering the interests of horticulture, conservation, environmental protection and beautification.

The first garden club in America was founded in January 1891 by The Ladies Garden Club of Athens (Georgia). On May 1, 1929 thirteen federated states became charter members at an organizational meeting in Washington, D.C. In 1935 the National Garden Clubs obtained space for a Headquarters at Rockefeller Center, New York City. Following fund raising from 1953-1957, a permanent Headquarters building was dedicated May 10, 1958 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. 


Pacifc Region Executive Committee


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Kristie Livreri

Vicki Yuen

Sheila Parcel

Sherry Cossey

Becky Hassebroek

Jeanette Pruin

Greg Pokorski

Robin Pokorski

Carol Norquist

Elaine Gunderson

Terry Critchlow

Judy Tolbert

Sue Bennett

Shirley Schmidt

Vicki Yuen

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Martie Black

Ann Swider